Fleet Management & Driver Services

Fleet Management & Driver Services

Our company specialises in providing comprehensive Fleet Management & Driver Services across various industries. We cater to businesses in sectors such as transportation, logistics, delivery services, e-commerce, construction, and more. Our wide range of services covers every aspect of fleet management, ensuring efficient operations and optimal utilisation of resources.

Our Drivers are professional, dedicated and discreet. Most have been recruited for their advanced driving and interpersonal skills, gained from previous experience working with the UK Police and Armed Services. Safety is at the heart of everything our people do.

Industries served
  • Delivery Services
  • Entertainment
  • Events
  • Sports
Services offered
  • Project Managing complex Fleet Operations
  • Full Management and Coordination of Fleet Transportation
  • Fully integrated drive team including private hire capability across the UK
  • Technology to support and sustain lengthy operation

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Reduced Fuel Cost
Optimized Delivery
Improved Efficiency


England Rugby 2015

L&S delivered a Fleet Management and Driver Contract for 6 months across 13 UK Cities including London. VIP drivers were allocated to World and England Rugby Directors. Transport Managers and Coordinators were allocated to teams across the UK. Precise and supportive Project Management was given to our client and stakeholders daily

UEFA U17 Championship 2018 St Georges Park, UK

L&S delivered Fleet Coordination and substantial driver teams for a month-long operation. Workforce accommodation and welfare facility planning and delivery. 24/7 scheduling due to a variety of itinerary changes