Security & Stewarding Operations

Security & Stewarding Operations

We provide a full range of security services which can be tailored to the most sophisticated of operation.

Ideally, L&S would be engaged from the outset of a project to fully consult on all aspects of security. We provide a variety of personnel to our flagship client, Wembley National Stadium and its key stakeholders, London Borough of Brent and Quintain.

We take pride in offering an exceptional Security & Stewarding Service. This service places safety and security at the forefront of your events, ensuring a pleasant and secure environment for all attendees.

With an experienced team of security professionals, armed with the latest technology and strategic expertise, we can ensure your event security is handled properly. We customise our services to match your unique requirements, assuring a safe, secure, and seamless experience.

All types of Security Consultancy particularly:
  • Protective services and penetration testing
  • Loss prevention and shrinkage
  • Multi asset protection and risk mitigation
  • Insider threat and enhanced vetting standards
Security Operations services
  • SIA vetted man-guarding, event security and close protection operatives
  • CCTV and Control Room staff for corporate infrastructure or events
  • Enforcement personnel for both public and private sector organizations
  • CSAS Personnel with Metropolitan Police Area
  • Technology enabled solutions to mitigate against deviance
  • Pitigone Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

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European Championships – London July 2021

L&S, in partnership with First Response Group Ltd formed a team of specialist security personnel to receive passengers at Gatwick Airport, kept sterile due to strict COVID restrictions.

A high level of customer service and professionalism were required along with strict protocol and project management.

Spicerhaart (venue security following police supported eviction etc)

Assisted in the establishment of effective working strategy in complex, high risk situation. Provided risk management advice, working in line with established Working strategy giving client a variety of options that would effectively resolve situation.

Provided effective, skilled resources to implement operation bringing high risk situation to a successful resolution. Performed full debrief process with 360 view feedback. Identified learning points to client and staff with suggested implementation process.